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Newborn blog – What’s it about? – Hello World!

Since Awaiting bits is a newborn blog, I decided to take this opportunity to present myself as well as the purpose of this blog.

About me

My name is Zanid Haytam and I was born in 1997.
I have been programming since the age of 13 and never looked back since.
I am a very curious person, always craving knowledge and looking for new informations.
In my free time, I like to learn new techniques, languages, technologies and coding styles.
I am currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Big Data at UIR and I am quiet interested in Machine Learning.
My most loved language is C#.

Awaiting Bits – Newborn blog

I was always interested in creating my own blog, where I can share what I learned with people around the world. I believe I now have enough knowledge and courage to finally do so.
The purpose of this blog is then: Sharing what I learned or what I woud like to improve.
Thus, most of my posts (if not all) will be related to coding/programming, machine learning and new technologies, frameworks, etc…


Feel free to contact me anytime.
Hope I see you soon!

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