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13 December / / Other
These past months I realized that my blog, which is made using Wordpress, is very slow and that hurts the traffic. So I went looking for the problems and their solutions but nothing really worked, so I decided to switch everything. Today I’ll talk about that decision, its advantages and disadvantages.
19 April / / Other
Today I was installing Oh My ZSH and the theme Agnoster and it worked in the the normal terminal but not in Visual Studio Code’s terminal, as it needs a monospaced font and Powerline isn’t one. In this post I’ll explain how to quickly fix it. The problem Problem VS Code defaults the terminal’s font to the editor’s font, and since the Agnoster theme needs Powerline, the terminal outputs non-sense characters.
08 February / / Other
I bought a laptop a long time ago but I never really used it enough to notice this. I am now using it every day and every time a Windows 10 notification shows up, both my ears bleed (not really but you get the idea). The volume of these notifications is EXTREMELY loud.
22 June / / Other
Hello, Since Awaiting bits is a newborn blog, I decided to take this opportunity to present myself as well as the purpose of this blog. About me My name is Zanid Haytam and I was born in 1997. I have been programming since the age of 13 and never looked back since.